About Us

Welcome all mythical enthusiasts! 

Hi, we are pleased that you have found us here at Mythical Merch.  Our group of friends have always had a love of stories that dove into the mythical and fantasy worlds, that were filled with these amazing characters.  Stretching over centuries, their origins can be traced back to tales ranging from the interesting and inspirational to the bizarre and ridiculous.  These stories have thrived during a time when the world beyond the bounds of the map was a dangerous, wonderful, and terrifying place.  We have no doubt they have played a big part in shaping the world we know today. 

Mythical Merch is our passion.  Our primary goal is to create a place, where people can find specialty items that can allow them to show their love of all things mythical.  We greatly value your time and will continue doing our best to make sure that your shopping experience is pleasant, seamless, and hassle-free.  We hope to build relationships with our customers and will do everything we can to maintain your satisfaction.  So please have a look around and remember, be imaginative and stay mythical! 

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